Thursday, May 23, 2024

British Columbians like to tell ‘white lies’ often according to a new survey


Everyone lies from time to time and a BC-based statistics analysis firm wanted to find out exactly what British Columbians are lying about.

President of Research Co., Mario Canseco asked British Columbians and people across the country what they would lie about and many admitted to telling ‘white lies’ to protect other peoples’ feelings. 

Many Canadians admitted they will lie about the quality of their food when eating something they don’t like. When eating dinner at a friend’s house and they serve you a bland, underseasoned piece of chicken breast, would you say “Mmmm, that’s delicious,” or would you tell them it isn’t good? 

According to this survey, 32% of Canadians admitted to have lied about this. 34% of British Columbians have admitted to telling this lie. 

In BC, more people than any other province have admitted to lying about how much money they make. Research Co.’s findings show that 26% of British Columbians have lied about this at some point in their life. 

One thing British Columbians are more honest about compared to the rest of the country is whether or not they have lied about their phone battery being dead when someone tried to contact them. Only 17% of British Columbians say they’ve told this lie. The rest of the country averages out to about 21% of people lying about this. 

Overall, this study shows that BC residents are more likely to lie than any other region across Canada. Coming in closely at second place is Alberta. 

When asked simple questions about age, where they live, academic credentials, marital status and job experience, these are lies that surprisingly, less than one-quarter lie about these topics for the most part. 

Also of note in this survey, 54% of British Columbians say they’ve never told any of these lies. So either they are lying about not lying or they are being truthful and over one-third of BC residents are trustworthy folks. 

Curtis Blandy

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