Friday, February 23, 2024

Illegal paint spill in Sidney creek raises environmental concerns for local ecosystems


The Peninsula Streams and Shorelines Society are reporting a latex paint spill at Mermaid Creek in Roberts Bay.

Local residents notified the Central Saanich restoration team on Wednesday of the toxic spill that threatens downstream ecosystems as well as habitats of spawning forage fish, migrating birds and eelgrass meadows.

In the wake of the toxic spill, which the PSS describes as a “careless and ignorant disposal of materials,” over 200 volunteer hours spent planting 600 plants along the creek’s estuary have been lost.

Today the source of the paint spill has been reported to have come from a nearby industrial painting project.

Details regarding the quantity of the paint disposed of as well as fines surrounding the illegal contamination have yet to be released.

More to come.

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