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Local artist releases portrait honouring the life of Alfred the Flower Man


An airbrush artist known to create timely pieces of art around the city has done it again. 

Paul Archer’s latest installment pays tribute to a late local icon, who sadly passed away this past weekend. 

Remembered for his friendly smile, tuxedo and beautiful flowers, Alfred Sillem touched the lives of many in Victoria. 

Known best for selling flowers to lovers and families on the street and sparking quality conversations with strangers, Sillem was a cherished member of the Victoria community for well over 30 years.

This week, Archer, a talented airbrushing artist known for recent artistic displays in Victoria of Wednesday Addams, and a  window smashing vandalism, has now released a new painting paying tribute to the local celebrity. 

Captioned, “rest in peace Alfred the Flowerman, Victoria’s cupid. I wonder how many relationships and marriages he was responsible for? You will be missed, Alfred Sillem.”

Archer’s display marks yet another tribute made to the community member who cared deeply about the people around him.

As comments on social media continue to pour in from Victoria residents sharing their memories of Alfred, the Monkey Tree Pub announced on Tuesday that the restaurant will host a tribute for Alfred at 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 16th. 

Friends, family and strangers are welcome to stop by to share stories and loving memories over a toast to his legacy. 

While the portrait is on display out side’s Archer’s studio on Fort Street, it is unclear if it will remain there for the public. Victoria Buzz has reached out to confirm.

Alfred’s legacy will live on in the memories of those who knew him, and in the beautiful flowers (or teddy bears) he brought to Victoria’s streets. His passing is a reminder of the impact that one person can have on a community, and the importance of spreading kindness wherever we go.

Rest in peace, Alfred the Flower Man. He was 77-years-old.

A Tribute to Alfred

  • Where: Monkey Tree Pub, 4025 Borden Street
  • When: Sunday, April 16th, 3 p.m.


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