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Saanich Police seize over $100K in vape products being sold to kids


Saanich Police had one of their biggest seizures of vape products being illegally sold to school children last Friday after over $100,000 in various vape products intended for sale were seized.

Police say they began an investigation into reports that middle and high school students were buying vape products while at school from an unknown source. 

The investigation took over four months and revealed more than one individual selling these products to minors while at school across the Capital Regional District (CRD). This was taking place both during school and after-hours. 

The same individuals were also selling vape products to youths at malls and parks. They accepted cash as well as debit cards as payment through portable point-of-sale devices.

Police say the vape products were carried in duffle bags, totes and food delivery bags to hide their intentions.

On Friday, March 17th, Saanich Police’s Street Crime Unit had help from the Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team (GVERT) in executing a search warrant at a business in the 700-block of Vanalman Avenue where police traced the activities of the vape slingers comings and goings.

There, police located vape kits, pens, e-cigarettes, tanks, e-liquids, and disposables. They also seized liquids that contained up to 98% THC content, and some tobacco products.

In total, police estimate these products are worth over $100,000.

According to the police, the suspects responsible for selling these vape products were using Snapchat as their main source of advertising because typically their messages and images can only be viewed in a 24-hour span. 

Police say they used this to their advantage and communicated prices as well as time and place of delivery.

“It is clear that the items are branded and marketed in such a way to entice youth into buying them, and these individuals specifically targeted schools to sell their products,” said Cst. Markus Anastasiades.

No arrests have been made at this time and the investigation is still ongoing.

Curtis Blandy

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