(Saanich Municipal Hall)

BC Stats recently conducted a survey on a sample of randomized residents and businesses in Saanich to determine if people are happy with their quality of living in the district. 

The District of Saanich’s survey heard from 316 residents, 127 businesses and 350 online survey participants. These surveys were taken between October 24th and November 27th, 2022. 

According to the survey, 89% of Saanichites think their quality of life is “good” or “very good.”

Although 89% as an approval rate seems to be impressive for the District of Saanich in 2022, it is the lowest score they’ve received since 2003. When the survey was conducted 20 years ago, the approval rate was 87%

The District of Saanich has made it tradition to conduct a survey following every municipal election since 2003. The council believes this is a handy tool to guide their policies and try to make their constituents happy. The results are also then used for the council’s four-year strategic plan. 

When compared with past survey results, Saanich residents in 2022 are 10% less satisfied by the district than in 2015 when 99% of businesses and citizens said they believed that Saanich’s municipal government was doing “good” or “very good.”

“Overall, our survey results demonstrate that Saanich residents feel positive about the work we do and the services we provide,” said Chief Administrative Officer Brent Reems. 

“It’s also crucial for us to receive input on areas where we can improve, so we appreciate the residents and businesses who took the time to provide their feedback.” 

“Council will consider the survey results as they head into their upcoming budget deliberations and as they develop their new strategic plan.”

According to the survey, housing affordability and transportation infrastructure such as traffic and bike lanes are the most important issues to the people of Saanich. 

Saanich residents expressed the least satisfaction in bylaw enforcement, affordable housing policies, land-use planning, building permits and inspection processes, and aging infrastructure.

Here are some additional noteworthy results from the survey:

  • 70% of businesses say that Saanich is a good place to operate a business.
  • 58% of citizens and 50% of businesses say that the Saanich municipal government is doing a good job.
  • 66% of citizens and 47% of businesses want to maintain current service levels with a marginal inflationary increase.
  • 45% of citizens and 34% of businesses say they receive good value for their municipal taxes.
  • 57% of businesses say the District of Saanich’s rules and regulations for businesses are easy to understand.
  • 50% of citizens and 43% of businesses say that Saanich welcomes citizen/business involvement.

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