Monday, March 4, 2024

Vancouver Island recognized as a popular film-making destination for big budget projects


It’s no secret that the west coast is not only a popular travel destination, but it also stands out for big-budget Hollywood productions. 

While Vancouver tends to receive positive acclaim for film sets such as Titanic, Prison Break, and Thor, in recent years, Vancouver Island has also started to make a name for itself, so much so that the lifestyle publication, Paradise has recognized Vancouver Island as a notable destination for tourists to add to their list when visiting the West Coast of Canada.

If you’ve ever watched Netflix’s hit show, Maid, you’d be sure to recall scenes featuring many notable locations throughout Victoria. 

The characters can be seen around Victoria, the capital city of BC, at Swartz Bay ferry terminal, Tillicum Laundry, Victoria’s oldest laundromat which doubles as Value Maids HQ, and The Duke Saloon, which is the bar setting where Alex and Sean meet.

Adding to the list of notable mentions, the making of Deadpool also featured scenes filmed at Hatley Castle.

This gorgeous historical site is also found in the popular TV series Smallville, as Lex Luther’s mansion, and in the Arrow television series as Queen Mansion, home of Oliver Queen and his family.

When it comes to film production on Vancouver Island, what is your favourite movie or show that has taken place on this small slice of paradise?

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