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You’ll be able to clearly see five planets just after sunset in Victoria tonight


Tonight, the stars — and planets — are aligning perfectly!

On Tuesday, March 28th Victorians should take a scenic drive or walk up PKOLS (Mount Douglas), climb High Rock in Esquimalt, go to Clover Point or walk the breakwater, because five of the eight planets will be visible.

They are best seen with binoculars or a telescope, but you should be able to see most of them with the naked eye. 

Right after the sun crosses the horizon and its light fades away, look west and you’ll be able to see Venus, the brightest light in the sky. 

Just above Venus and slightly to the left will be Uranus. 

Uranus will technically be visible to the naked eye but only once the sky has sufficiently darkened. Binoculars or telescope access may help with viewing this planet.

Near to where the sun is setting, Jupiter, the second brightest light in the sky will be visible. Look close to the horizon and a little bit further right than you were looking when you were gazing upon Venus.

Mercury will be just slightly above Jupiter’s position and it will be significantly dimmer, although still brighter than most stars. 

Jupiter and Mercury will be crossing the horizon soon after the sun sets, so once it starts setting, time will be ticking.

Mars will be located just below where the moon is positioned in the night’s sky, shining bright and red as always. 

To see the planets best, a high vantage point will set you up for success. If you have nowhere high to get to, a beach that overlooks the water is a suitable plan B.

No cloud coverage is forecasted for the evening, so this is your best chance to see the planets!

Check out the planets positions from Vancouver Island’s perspective anytime here!

Curtis Blandy

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