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Langford chocolate bandit drops ‘gun’ before fleeing on BC Transit bus


A thief in Langford attempted to flee the scene after being caught stealing multiple boxes of chocolate by a vigilant customer, but not without leaving behind a ‘handgun’ that fell out of his waistband during his escape.

As the suspect was making a hasty exit from the store, witnesses confronted him and noticed a handgun falling out of his waistband. Without causing harm or pointing the gun at anyone, the suspect left the firearm on the floor and swiftly left the scene.

The suspected was spotted boarding a BC Transit Bus after fleeing from the Shoppers Drug Mart in Langford and was apprehended shortly after.

Police said the bus was located and stopped by police and the suspect was safely arrested without issues for theft and possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose.

It was also determined the ‘handgun’ was just a water pistol painted black in an effort to make it appear real.

“Carrying a weapon or anything that looks like a weapon, in a manner that could be dangerous to the public is against the law,” said Cpl. Nancy Saggar West Shore RCMP Media Relations Officer.

“In this case, a water pistol painted to look real and tucked into the suspect’s waistband is alarming and calls public safety into question.”

The 18-year-old Saanich resident could face charges of theft and possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose against the suspect,

The individual was released on an undertaking with conditions to not attend the Shoppers Drug Mart or to be in possession of weapons including firearms.

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