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VicPD arrest brazen jewelry thief who robbed Francis Jewellers in broad daylight


VicPD have arrested the man who allegedly walked into a 600-block Broughton Street retailer, Francis Jewellers, hammer in hand, to steal several expensive items.

At around 3:45 p.m. on Saturday, April 15th, a man entered the jewelry store and quickly shoved his way behind the counter to gain access to the display cases with expensive pieces in them. 

He smashed one with the hammer and grabbed some jewelry before staff fought back using chairs to try to pin him up against the wall.

He managed to get himself free and smashed another case in the middle of the room, taking a valuable watch before fleeing.


On April 17th, VicPD issued a press release which contained a video of the incident in order to identify the suspect.

VicPD officers determined who their suspect was and on April 22nd, attended a multi-unit supportive housing complex in the 2500-block of Dowler Place in order to locate him.

Police say they found him and he attempted to flee on a bicycle before they were able to catch and arrest him. 

VicPD say they determined the man they had arrested was wanted on six warrants for crimes various in nature. 

He faces numerous new recommended charges from the April 15th incident; including armed robbery, assault with a weapon and breaching numerous court-ordered conditions.

The suspect now remains in police custody.

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