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BC handing out rebates for e-bike purchases just in time for Victoria’s Go By Bike Week


Just in the nick of time for Go By Bike Week in Victoria, the province announced that new e-bike purchases in BC will qualify customers for a rebate to help convince people to convert to bike commuters.

Beginning June 1st, province approved new e-bikes will get the purchaser somewhere between $350 and $1,400.

BC’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure says that unlike past e-bike rebate programs, this new initiative will not require British Columbians to scrap their vehicle to qualify.

“E-bikes are becoming commonplace in BC as a convenient alternative to motor-vehicle trips, but their price can put them out of reach for people,” said Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. 

“By making rebates available and basing the rebate amount on income, we can make e-bikes and clean transportation more affordable and accessible for everyone.”

In total, over $6 million is being invested into converting British Columbians from vehicular commuters to using active transportation such as e-bikes. 

This $6 million will allow for 9,000 to make the switch and have some financial aid with their transition.


Scrap-It-Society, an organization that administers rebates on behalf of government initiatives like this one have been charged with the implementation of this endeavour. The company has had a hand in the scrapping of over 54,000 fossil fuel vehicles in exchange for electric vehicles and e-bikes. 

“E-bikes add a new dimension to everyday travel, even in rural communities,” said Michael Koski, executive director of the BC Cycling Coalition. 

“For those struggling with the cost of a car, this funding will provide wider access to a transportation option that is affordable, efficient and eco-friendly. E-bikes make cycling accessible to a wider range of people, improve personal health and help smaller communities by making more people mobile.”

The province has also partnered with Hub Cycling in order to provide resources on fundamental biking safety and handling skills such as hand signaling and bike etiquette. 

This new initiative builds on the province’s CleanBC initiative which axed PST on new e-bike purchases back in 2021. 

With no PST and a $350 to $1,400 rebate available beginning in June, e-bikes have never been more accessible or affordable in BC.

Curtis Blandy

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