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Every year, the BC SPCA hosts the Wildlife-in-Focus photography contest during the month of May in order to help them provide life-saving care to animals in need across the province. 

The contest opens on May 15th and runs through until May 31st, and is open to amateur photographers aged 14 and older.

In the past 15 years the contest has been running, whales, foxes, owls, eagles and bees are some of the winners and their stunning pictures have been used to help the BC SPCA raise money for the services they provide. 

Contestants can enter as many times as they wish and there is no entry fee to submit photos. 


2022 first place winner – Wild Settings (Bruce-Turnbull)

“Wildlife-in-Focus celebrates the incredible variety of wild animals who call B.C. home,” said BC SPCA wild animal welfare specialist Erin Ryan. 

“Last year we received more than 1,700 entries showcasing this province’s impressive array of wild animals.”

Winners in the past years have been featured in the BC SPCA’s Animal Sense and Bark! magazines, educational materials, local outlets and social media. 

The top three photos in each of the two categories, ‘Wild Settings’ and ‘Backyard Habitats’, will win prizes and there are also 13 ‘People’s Choice’ awards given that anyone can vote on by giving a small donation to the BC SPCA.

The People’s Choice award winners will have their wildlife captures forever immortalized in a desktop calendar that people can buy from the BC SPCA online shop. 

2022 first place winner – Backyard Habitats (Claire Heath)

Last year, the contest helped raise over $23,000 which all went to the rehabilitation of wild animals in BC.

The BC SPCA’s subsidiary, Wild ARC helps care for more than 3,000 animals who are injured or orphaned and when they can, they release these animals back into the wild. 

The wildlife photos can be taken anywhere in BC and must feature animals that can be found in BC naturally, no exotic animal pictures will be considered for the contest.

Information on how to enter the contest can be found online via the BC SPCA’s website.

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