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Canadians will soon be able to skip the line when it comes time to renewing their passports.

On Wednesday, the Canadian government announced that residents seeking to renew their travel documents before embarking on international trips will soon be able to renew online.

Beginning this fall, those seeking to renew their passports for simple cases will be able to apply online and upload all required documents and passport photos on a secure government website.

The announcement came out during an event that unveiled a new design for Canada’s passport, which includes updated security features and colourful new pages. The new look also removed some references to key moments in Canada’s history.

The current version of the passport was released in 2013.

Anyone applying for new passports, including children, will still need to go through the traditional application process with Service Canada.

The printing of the new Canadian passports is set for the summer and will be rolled out over the next year.

According to the Passport Index, the Canadian passport is ranked 26th globally. Canadian passport holders can get visa-free entry into 115 countries and can get a visa on arrival in 51 countries.

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