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Fueled by drugs: Impaired motorist found using driver-assisted technology on Vancouver Island 


A motorist caught driving erratically last month shocked Vancouver Island’s Highway Patrol after he was caught relying on self-driving technology while impaired on drugs.

In a late-night incident on April 14th, BC Highway Patrol and Oceanside Detachment RCMP officers responded to reports of an erratic Honda Civic on Highway 19 northbound in Qualicum Beach.

Officers successfully intercepted the vehicle near Cook Creed Road, where they made a shocking discovery.

Inside the car, occupied by two individuals, they found the driver, a man in his 40s from Alberta, with his seat fully reclined and drug paraphernalia on his lap.

Police said he displayed visible signs of impairment.

The passenger, a local man in his 30s, was apprehended for possessing a small quantity of a powder suspected to be fentanyl, and he was also arrested for outstanding warrants.

Although the driver was not physically controlling the vehicle while it was in motion, it was revealed that he had engaged the driver-assisted technology features to keep the car moving.

“As we see a gradual shift to vehicles equipped with driver-assisted technology, we are unfortunately encountering these types of situations,” said Staff Sergeant Adam Tallboy, acting OIC of BCHP Vancouver Island.

“Despite this technology, we want to remind drivers that they must still be attentive, and are still responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle regardless of whether or not the driver-assisted features are actively engaged.”

The impaired driver is facing multiple charges under the BC Motor Vehicle Act, including “Drive Without Due Care & Attention.”

Additionally, he received a 24-hour driving prohibition.

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