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WIN two VIP tickets to the first ever Bacon Beer and Bourbon Festival in Langford (CONTEST)


Get ready, Langford!

The municipality is about to host one of the most exciting events of the summer – the Bacon Beer and Bourbon Festival!

On Saturday June 24th, Starlight Stadium will be filled with the rich aromas of pork, the crisp taste of seasonal beers, and the bold flavors of ten unique bourbon releases.

This is a bring-your-own-bib celebration because the Bacon, Beer and Bourbon Festival is a southern-inspired event that will bring you unique smoky offerings from chefs, brewers and mixologists that will leave you drooling.

It’s not just about the food and drinks though – the event promises to be a social and interactive gathering that will bring together vendors, bartenders, and guests.

Founder David Bain explains that the focus is on creating engagement between everyone involved in the Festival. Bourbon is a key player in this experience and is used to showcase how batch cocktails can be made with the featured bourbon brands.

The bourbon lineup for the festival includes popular names like:

Elijah Craig, Evan Williams, and Wild Turkey, as well as newcomers like Stillhead Distillery, which will be launching its first bourbon at the event.

The festival will also feature bourbon debuts in BC with WhistlePig Whiskey.

Each bourbon brand will be paired with a local bartender who will create a unique batch cocktail for guests to sample. This creates an opportunity for guests to vote for their favorite bourbon and cocktail combination.

The festival is not just about bourbon – there will be a wide range of pork-forward culinary creations to savor as well. The vendors will be offering engaging games to win exciting prizes, making it a truly interactive experience.

With over 50% of tickets sold in the first month of sales, it’s clear that this Festival is highly anticipated. Tickets start at $45 and include sample tokens, with VIP tickets available for $150 that provide all-inclusive access to the venue early.

The Bacon Beer and Bourbon Festival promises to be a southern-style experience that will tantalize your senses and leave you with unforgettable memories. If you want to be part of this love-filled event, make sure to get your tickets now and sign up for their newsletter at


To win a pair of tickets to the first ever Bacon Beer and Bourbon Festival, plus a swag bag  from the Bourbon providers, complete one or more of the following:

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Contest entries will be accepted from the time and date of publishing until Tuesday, May 23rd. One winner will be chosen and contacted on the platform they entered.

Contest Guidelines

Bacon, Beer and Bourbon Fest

  • When: Saturday, June 24th from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Where: Starlight Stadium, 1089 Langford Parkway
  • Tickets:
    • $45 general admission ticket which includes four sample tokens
    • $119 VIP ticket ($150 without VB deal) is all-inclusive which allows you early access and you don’t need tokens to sample the vendors wares
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