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‘By musicians, for musicians’: Local artists take over Victoria’s The Mint for Folk Night


Folk enthusiasts and music lovers alike, this is for you!

Every second Thursday, Folk Night takes over The Mint — bringing in talented local musicians and their original music!

In an interview with Maita Waters and Jacob Leger, they shared its purpose and their hope for its continuation — wanting to provide local songwriters with a cozy space to play their music.

(Photo by Nevada Alde)

“Folk Night is different than what anything else in the town is offering,” Waters said.

Not only does it prioritize songwriting and the artist’s voice, it also provides an opportunity for musicians to perform in an intimate space without worries of costs.

“[Before Folk Night,] there was no in between. You played open mics or you rented out a venue,” Waters said.

“But what if we had a place where we provide the venue, we provide all the stuff you need and you get paid for it? It would be a middle ground.”

So, Waters, Leger, Jeremy Earley, and Aleks (Shaggy) Wilkinson (as well as their graphic designer, Nathan Speller) got to work organizing and promoting Folk Night!

Catering specifically to the team’s very own love for songwriting, the Folk Night team picked a space where the focus was more on the original lyrics and voice as opposed to loud, high-energy music that you often find in the band scene.

“We knew The Mint was a good space,” Waters said.

“There was already a community established for people who want that kind of music…the space is really great…it’s got a really good vibe,” Leger added.

The décor is living-room cozy, complemented by the building’s exposed brick and added lights from lamps and string lights, the warmth and comfort of the space is immediate.

(Left to right: Maita Waters and Ella Slaughter / Courtesy of Maita Waters)

They’re are always accepting audition applications for those who wish to perform their creations!

They feature hand-picked artists, so the quality of the evening is guaranteed every time — though, you don’t have to be a highly established musician to perform.

“It’s about original lyrics and being heard,” Leger said.

“And it’s been a steady turnout, which is pretty cool!” Waters added.

Not only with the crowds, but also added friends coming over to help and show their support for what the Folk Night team is doing — making it a mission the music community believes in and wants to see flourish.

“It’s coming from musicians to musicians,” Waters concludes.

(Left to right: Ella Slaughter, Jacob Leger, Maita Waters / Courtesy of Maita Waters)

If you’re interested in Folk Night and are ready to provide 30 minutes or more of original music, you can contact them via Facebook or Instagram.

If you wish to come and support the artists, all the ticket proceeds go towards paying the artists and renting the space!

Folk Night at The Mint

  • Where: 1414 Douglas Street
  • When: Every second Thursday
    • Next show is Thursday, June 22nd — tickets available here.

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