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Caught on camera: Brave pig fends off an unwanted fuzzy visitor in Sooke (VIDEOS)


If we were asked who would win between a pig and a bear…our answer would have been pretty clear.

But now, we’re not so sure!

Sooke resident Crystal Walls was on vacation in Oregon with her family and dogs when they received some worrisome news.

“[The house-sitter] knew something was up because none of the animals were coming up in the gate like they normally do during feeding time,” Walls said.

“She called my animal emergency contact and they noticed that the fence had been breached.”

Walls quickly rushed home, uncertain of what had caused the ruckus until they reviewed some video footage with a rather shocking reveal.

A black bear had met its match against an unlikely opponent — Barbie Q the pig, who started its life as a house pig and was moved outside after three years indoors.

In the footage, Barbie is seen rushing at the bear, trying to spook it out of the pen and circling back to make sure the other animals stay far away.

“Which is crazy, [because] we have a goat that she’s terrified of…[so,] to see her stand up to this bear was unbelievable.”

The bear was in the pen for about half an hour, leaving 10 minutes after Barbie decided he wasn’t a threat.

“[You] see [the bear] putting up his hands, which is kind of funny…he’s kind of telling her to stop, ‘I surrender, I’m okay’.”

Walls shared that this has never happened before, and she believes it’s because the dogs’ scent had disappeared from the yard after taking them with her on the trip.

“We’ve been here 9 years and have never had any issues with bears,” Walls said.

None of the other animals were harmed and Walls said they’ll be repairing the fence and putting up some extra security in case bears happen to wander through again.

Never a dull day on the farm!

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