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Despite road closures Tofino Jazz Fest says the show will go on this weekend


Tofino has been hit hard over the last month as Highway 4 was closed due to the Cameron Bluffs wildfire.

This weekend, Highway 4 is on schedule to reopen to alternating traffic which will allow for people to come and go from Tofino without taking a logging road for the first time in weeks.


This is great news for the organizers and musicians of Tofino Jazz Festival which initially was supposed to take place from June 22nd to 25th. Because of the road closures, the timeline has had to shift slightly. 

“I am proud to announce that this weekend, Tofino Jazz Fest is still happening,” said Sophie L’Homme, the festival’s director.

“Of course, it’s a little shorter because of the road closure but from the 23rd to the 25th, the town will be entertained,” she assured. 

There are three venues for the Tofino Jazz Festival this year — one of which is a free stage — and some big names will be gracing them over the weekend. 

Jill Barber is this year’s main headliner. She is a Canadian, Juno award-winning singer songwriter who plays pop, jazz and folk music, depending on the album, who has released 11 records to date. 

Barber is widely renowned as one of Canada’s most beloved musicians and in spite of the road closures, the Tofino Jazz Festival coordinators assure their guests that she will be there. 

Other distinguished, genre-defying acts that will be playing the festival are Kimmortal, Amphbioux as well as Bungalow and Mikey Jose.

Given that the area has been hit so hard by the road closure, the event’s organizers are hoping lots of Victorians make the trip to help the town out.

“It’s an amazing time for folks from Victoria to come since there’s amazing deals at all the hotels and the highway is going to be open for alternating traffic,” said Lauren Archibald, Marketing Organizer for Tofino Jazz Festival.

Tofino Jazz Festival

  • Where: At various locations throughout Tofino
  • When: June 23rd to 25th
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