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Seven Victoria non-profits will receive $216K in arts and culture grants


Seven arts and culture non-profit organizations will benefit from $216,000 being distributed to them in order to bolster arts initiatives within Victoria. 

The money comes from the Cultural Infrastructure Grant (CIG) program which is one facet of Victoria’s Create Victoria Arts and Culture Master Plan which aims to increase accessibility, affordability and availability of arts and culture venues.

Specifically the CIG money will allow venues to purchase specialized equipment, upgrade the facilities or develop plans to allow for new venue spaces in existing buildings. 

Although the CIG funds will not completely cover the expenses projected by the venues, it will put a dent in their overall costs. 

The projects that were approved are:

  • Intrepid Theatre Company Society received $24,000 to create a 2,000 square foot arts space adjacent to the studio — their project budget is over $48,000
  • Belfry Theatre Society received $25,000 to help them upgrade theatre lighting — their project budget is over $986,000
  • Pacific Opera Victoria received $25,000 for new projection equipment — their project budget is over $89,000
  • Victoria Curling Club received $17,700 to build a stage and acquire sound equipment to become a better equipped live music venue — their projected budget is over $35,000
  • Victoria Conservatory of Music received $12,750 to plan for expansion and redevelopment — their projected budget is $25,500
  • Blue Bridge Theatre Society received $11,842 to get new audio equipment, increase accessibility and increase their programming — their projected budget is over $23,000
  • Other Guys Theatre Company Society received $100,000 to create a brand new arts facility — their projected budget is over $5,400,000

“The Cultural Infrastructure Grant program is vital to expanding and upgrading our much-loved arts and cultural spaces in Victoria,” said Mayor Marianne Alto. 

“This year’s funding will support the acquisition of a new cultural space in the downtown core, along with specialized audiovisual, lighting equipment and physical upgrades to provide new space for music and performing arts.”

The City of Victoria says their CIG program helps them to leverage contributions from higher levels of government as well as private contributions.

The arts and culture sector in Victoria contributed around $435.8 million to the local economy and employed 5,588 people in the region, according to the city.

These new grants will help to generate more for the local economy in the years to come as well as create new jobs in the arts sector. 

Curtis Blandy

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