(Camosun College)

In the 35th annual showcase, Camosun College’s fine furniture students are putting on an exhibition with their works of functional art to celebrate their graduation from the program. 

The theme for this year’s highly anticipated furniture showcase is ‘Hot Hot Seat’ where all the hand-made chairs and furniture are made from Western Maple. In addition to the chairs and furniture on display at the exhibition, other student projects will also be featured. 

“Our students’ work is the product of ten months of rigorous study and dedication to the art and craft of joinery and furniture making,” says Sandra Carr, Program Leader and Instructor in Fine Furniture. 

“Chairs are one of the most challenging woodworking forms to master, and each student’s chair communicates their unique aesthetic.”

(Camosun College)

The 40-week course is a full-time program and no prior work experience is required for this hands-on and theory based course. Coming out of this course, many students find apprenticeships in furniture making or adjacent trades.

According to Camosun College, the students learn about the history of furniture making, design and the environmental challenges that face our modern world in the program. Students learn about the differing qualities of wood and how to create unique pieces that are just as much works of art as a chair to sit on. 

“We chose Western Maple because it is indigenous to British Columbia and sustainably harvested in the Pacific Northwest. It is important for our students to see themselves as stewards of natural resources, not just consumers of them,” says Carr. 

“We want them to become artists and makers who focus on where their furniture comes from, what stories it tells, and what their art says about our place on the island and in the wider world.”

The gallery will be open to the public and runs from June 28th to July 23rd.

(Camosun College)

Camosun’s 35th annual Fine Furniture Exhibition

  • Where: Arts Centre at Cedar Hill, 3220 Cedar Hill Road
  • When: June 28th to July 23rd, hours may vary daily
  • Admission: Free
(Camosun College)

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