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Vancouver Island distillery releases oldest craft whisky in BC for Father’s Day


We know of many dads who like to partake in a good glass of whisky to celebrate Father’s Day—but this one holds a special meaning!

Merridale Cidery & Distillery has recently announced the release of their single malt whisky in honour of Father’s Day — Whisky Jack’s.

The name of this limited edition whiskey stemmed from two beloved men in the lives of the Merridale owners, Rick Pipes and Janet Docherty. 

Not only was “Jack” both of their fathers’ names, they also both loved whisky, making it a perfectly suitable name for this limited edition spirit. 

As described in their release document, Janet’s father, Jack Docherty, loved a good glass of whisky with his friends before he passed away in 1983. Rick’s dad, Jack Pipes, would sit down every night with a glass of his favourite malt spirit before he died in 2012.

“This is a very sentimental spirit release for us here at Merridale,” said Docherty. “We’ve

been holding off on releasing this whisky for years because it is so special to us.”

Additionally, it’s believed to be the oldest in BC and there’s only 50 bottles available!

Docherty and Pipes began the distilling process in 2007 — first resting in a French Oak barrel for five years before its transfer in 2012. It was moved to a previous Merridale’s Cowichan Cider Brandy barrel to add that distinctive Merridale flavour. 

The flavour is described as a complex aromatic, rich whisky with a softer finish.

“We’re proud to share this small-batch whisky with our customers and we hope that they enjoy it as much as we do.”

Docherty and Pipes send out a big cheers to all fathers everywhere — happy Father’s Day!

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