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Netflix just released their new nature docu-series, Our Planet: II which is narrated by the one and only Sir David Attenborough. 

The series features an up close and personal look at one Vancouver Island species which was captured by Vancouver Island cinematographer, Maxwel Hohn.

The feature from the island is based on the award winning Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration which was produced by Maxwel Hohn and Russell Clark.

Since Hohn’s tadpole film, he has gone on to direct and film the acclaimed Island of the Sea Wolves which gained him and his team seven Daytime Emmy Award nominations and he also worked on Apple TV+’s Big Beasts

“The response to our short film was beyond my expectations,” Hohn said. “It reached a global audience and is now being used in elementary schools across North America to educate children about the unique ecosystems in our own backyards.” 

“Tadpoles resonate with our childhood memories, and that emotional connection really struck a chord with people. I received many inquiries to re-film the sequence, and after careful consideration, I decided to work on the sequel to ‘Our Planet’, narrated by Sir David Attenborough.”


Given that Our Planet:II focusses solely on migratory species traversing the globe, Hohn’s experience with the Vancouver Island tadpoles ‘big little’ migration was a perfect fit for the series. 

Hohn spent many weeks immersed in the same lake on Vancouver Island where he initially captured the daily migration of tadpoles, this time filming them in more detail than ever before, given the experience and equipment he has gained since the original shoot.

Our Planet: II is streaming everywhere around the world as of Wednesday, June 14th and will allow people everywhere on our planet to catch a glimpse of an underrated species that calls Vancouver Island home. 

The original Our Planet which was released in April 2019 received over 100 million views and Netflix’s latest four-part sequel is bound to have the same level of success with such a prestigious team and narrator. 

“From a small passion project, to one of the world’s biggest wildlife series — narrated by Sir David Attenborough,” Hohn said. 

“I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s an absolute dream come true.”

Hohn’s footage of the Vancouver Island tadpoles can be seen in episode two of the new series. 

Here is the original video, Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration, which led Hohn to re-filming the animal for Our Planet: II:

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