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An Amber Alert that was issued Wednesday afternoon remains active as police search for two children last seen in late June.

At approximately 2:10 p.m. on Wednesday, July 19th, an Amber Alert was issued by Surrey RCMP as they found out a mother and her two children had disappeared. 

Details about the children, 8-year-old Aurora Bolton and 10-year-old Joshuah Bolton along with their mother, 45-year-old Verity Bolton, who were reported missing were released as well as a picture of the vehicle they were thought to be using.


Since the initial Amber Alert was activated, several more notifications have been issued by the BC RCMP.

This time police confirmed that the children’s mother, Verity, was the suspect in the children’s disappearance. 

Police say they found out that she was supposed to take the children on a camping trip on June 28th in the Kelowna area, but the camping reservation had been cancelled by Verity before they showed up. 

The children’s father has primary custody of the two kids, but was allowing Verity to take them on a camping trip. 

Verity along with Aurora and Joshuah were supposed to return on July 17th, but never showed up. 

According to police, the last known whereabouts of Verity and her two children was in Kelowna at a restaurant called Krafty’s Kitchen and Bar on June 30th — allowing her 20 days to put distance between herself and the childrens’ father.

In an update Thursday afternoon, Surrey RCMP released new images of Verity and the truck and trailer she is believed to be travelling in. Investigators have confirmed Bolton was in Kamloops grocery shopping on July 15th. Her kids were not seen with her.


The father, Justin Davis, took to Facebook to share his concern for his childrens’ well-being and safety with their mother who he described as being “unhinged” and a “master manipulator”.

Davis claims that Verity recently came into a large sum of money and he worries that she will use these newfound funds to keep his children from him as long as possible.

(Justin Davis/Facebook)

Investigators  believe they are travelling in a Blue 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 Crew Cab pick-up truck with a BC license plate number of SJ2708.

Aurora is described as a Caucasian girl with brown hair and brown eyes standing around 3’11” while Joshuah is described as a Caucasian boy, with brown hair and blue eyes, exact height unknown, but he is taller than his sister. 

Anyone who sees the mother or children is asked to call 911 immediately.

Those who have tips on the Bolton’s whereabouts should contact local police.

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