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‘Never been forgotten’: 30th anniversary of Comox Valley girl’s disappearance approaching


As the 30th anniversary of Comox Valley’s Lindsey Nicholls’ disappearance fast approaches, police are pleading with the public for anyone who may know something to come forward.

On August 2nd, 1993, the 14-year-old girl was last seen walking down Royston Road wearing  blue jeans, a khaki top, and white canvas shoes.

Comox Valley RCMP say they exhaustively searched the area she went missing from those 30 years ago but despite their best efforts, Nicholls could not be found. 

To this day, the circumstances surrounding Nicholls’ disappearance remain a mystery. 

“Lindsey’s disappearance remains an active and ongoing investigation,” said Cpl. Matt Holst, Comox Valley RCMP Major Crime Unit. “This case has never been forgotten.”

“Tips continue to come in, and each one is diligently followed up.”

“The passage of three decades has not diminished our determination to find answers and provide closure to Lindsey’s family and friends who have endured an agonizing wait for resolution,” Holst continued.

In light of the 30th anniversary of Nicholls’ disappearance, her mother, Judy Peterson, is launching a new tip-generating campaign to draw attention to the decades old case. 

Peterson’s vision is for highly-visible billboards placed in prominent locations throughout Comox Valley which are to be installed soon. 

She believes this will serve as a reminder to the public and Nicholls’ mother hopes it will draw out those who may have critical information about her daughter’s whereabouts. 

“Someone out there knows something and I’m hoping this exposure will convince them to come forward with any piece of information that could help us,” said Peterson. 

“We all love her so much and the not knowing is so difficult.” 

Police say that given all they have been through, Nicholls’ family has shown unwavering strength and resilience. 

Her mother is and has been a strong advocate for the inclusion of a missing persons’ index within the national DNA databank. Her instrumental work and advocacy led to the passing of ‘Lindsey’s Law’.

This legislation in BC has helped identify the remains of several bodies found which have resolved numerous missing persons’ cases. 

Anyone with information about Lindsey Nicholls’ disappearance should call Comox Valley RCMP at (250) 338-1321.

Curtis Blandy

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