Langford parents will be able to drop the kiddos off and have a bit of a shop!

Soon construction will begin on the over 28,000 square foot retail complex along Happy Valley Road at Latoria Road.

The retail centre will reportedly host a 12-unit commercial stripmall which will help nearby residents by mitigating their commutes into the heart of langford for access to any amenities. 

Initially the proposal for this project had it slated as a 21,000 square foot complex, but it has since grown to a 28,231 square foot undertaking.

In addition to all the new opportunities for retailers, a second floor, 6,300 square foot daycare centre will be included in the project, according to Colliers who will be handling the retail leasing. 

The daycare centre will include a whopping 7,000 square foot rooftop play area for children to use for play

The only space in the retail centre already claimed, aside from the daycare, is a liquor store.


This retail complex and daycare will be a welcome addition to the region and will aid parents with finding suitable childcare solutions for their children.

Retailers are expected to take occupancy for the complex’s opening in early 2024. 

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