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VicPD share ideas on how to better protect bikes from being stolen


After a couple recent bike thefts in Victoria, police have released some tips and deterrents on how Victorians can better protect their bicycles this summer. 

Incident #1

In one recent bike theft, VicPD responded to the incident while it was in progress in the 500-block of Pembroke Street.

The suspect attempted to break into a vehicle which had a bicycle inside, allegedly to steal the bike. 

Police caught him in the act, arrested him and released him with a future court date.

Incident #2

In another incident, officers were called to the 800-block of North Park Street because someone witnessed a group of people breaking into a bike storage locker. 

When police arrived, they say that the group split up and fled. They chased one suspect who was on a bicycle and brought them into custody.

In this person’s possession, they found instruments that are commonly used for bike theft like a drill, bolt cutter and a mallet. They also found cash and drugs on the suspect. 

Protect your bike

Police say that in both of these recent cases, the thieves were not deterred by a locked car or a secure bike locker. 

Because of these circumstances, VicPD recommends an abundance of caution and preparedness.

They recommend using the downtown bike valet located at Centennial Square on Pandora Avenue or keeping it safely locked indoors when possible. 

In addition to these precautions, police say it is always good to have recent pictures of the bike from multiple angles as well as having the serial number written down somewhere safe.

“Time is of the essence for recovering a stolen bike,” wrote a VicPD spokesperson in a release about bike safety. “The quicker you report your bike stolen and the more details you provide about your bike the more likely it is it will be recovered and returned to you.”

Another available resource is to register your bike with a service like Project 529 Garage — a database of bicycles to help people recover their property when it is lost or stolen.  

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