Friday, June 14, 2024

Homophobia strikes again: Brentwood Bay Pride crosswalk vandalized for a second time


Late on Monday evening, a crosswalk painted with the Pride rainbow was vandalized for the second time — just over one month after the first incident occurred. 

On Sunday, August 7th at around 11 p.m. a person was caught in the act and interrupted in their attempt to paint over the rainbow crosswalk on Wallace Drive right next to Bayside Middle School.

Police are now asking anyone who may have seen the suspect attempting to paint over the crosswalk to come forward and report what they saw. 

This incident comes just over one month after the same rainbow crosswalk was defaced with homophobic slurs and crude drawings.


On July 3rd, Mayor Ryan Windsor posted on Facebook about the defaced crosswalk saying he was saddened by the act of cruelty.

In this latest incident, a good samaritan reportedly stopped the act of vandalism while it was in progress and now police are seeking dashcam footage or information on who the perpetrator was. 

The suspect left their paint can behind, which is now in the possession of Central Saanich Police and they are looking for information on who bought it and where they bought it from.

Anyone who may have footage or information about who may have defaced the crosswalk should contact Central Saanich Police at (250) 652-4441.

Curtis Blandy

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