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Nearly 250K BC healthcare workers’ private information hacked in data breach


A cyber-security hack has exposed some private information of BC healthcare workers. 

The Health Employers Association of British Columbia (HEABC) say they are working diligently on figuring out what and who has been impacted by the attack.

So far, they know that one server which hosts three provincial health professional service websites have been exposed to the hackers; Health Match BC (HMBC), the BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry and the Locums for Rural BC program.

The HEABC says that no health records have been exposed in the breach. 

“HEABC works hard to protect the privacy of everyone who accesses our online services, and today it is important to let people know their personal information may have been taken through a cyber-attack,” said Michael McMillan, President and CEO of HEABC.

“We recognize this may create questions and concerns for individuals.”

“I sincerely regret that this potential breach happened and reassure everyone that we are working with cybersecurity and privacy experts to address the incident, safeguard against any future vulnerabilities, and notify and support individuals whose personal information may have been involved,” he added. 

The HEABC found out about the attack and the fact it may have given hackers access to healthcare workers personal information on July 13th.

They say that they know not all the information on the server was taken but they cannot definitively determine what was taken and what wasn’t.

The server was immediately shut down when they found out about the information breach.

According to the HEABC, the information accessed may include personal email addresses, birthdates, social insurance numbers, passport information, driver’s licenses, educational credentials, investigative reports and other information relating to individuals’ dealings with the relevant programs.

Cyber-security experts have been hired to launch an investigation to determine the scope and nature of the attack. 

The HEABC says that any and all whose email was registered on the impacted server will be notified their information was exposed, but they also say they have not detected any misuse of the exposed information thus far.

They are also offering all who were exposed access to a credit monitoring and identity protection program for two years. 

Curtis Blandy

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