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Not Van-Goghing anywhere: Large scale Vic West art installation applies for extension


The saga continues.

Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience is currently set up in Vic West on the Roundhouse property and they want to extend their Temporary Use Permit (TUP) for an additional month. 

The larger-than-life art installation faced many roadblocks and dealt with several miscommunication blunders throughout the last year as they tried to get their event into Victoria. 

Their opening date was pushed back over eight months from when they initially announced they’d be opening. 

Through those eight months, they failed to communicate with ticket holders their massive setbacks, they failed to refund their customers and they falsely advertised that Beyond Van Gogh was open on highway billboards, bus ads and their own social media accounts.

In addition to this, when they were supposed to first open their doors in October, 2022, Beyond Van Gogh’s parent company, Paquin Entertainment hadn’t even applied for their TUP.


They were finally able to open Beyond Van Gogh after getting their TUP approved on April 27th, 2023 which gave them 130 days to be set up at their Kimta Road location from June 20th to August 20th, allowing them sufficient time to set up and tear down before and after the event.

Since its opening Paquin Entertainment says it has been a hit and they are seeking to extend their TUP to allow them another month at their Vic West location. 

City staff are recommending that council approve this application and that they forgo the public hearing normally required in TUP applications because this is merely an extension and not a new application.

If it passes, Beyond Van Gogh will likely add more available time slots and additional days for their customers to choose from through the rest of August and into September and October. 

Victoria’s city council will discuss the application on August 3rd in the Committee of the Whole meeting and either approve or deny the TUP extension. 

Have you been to the Beyond Van Gogh event yet and if so, how would you describe your experience? Let us know in the comment section.

Curtis Blandy

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