(Photo courtesy of the GVHA)

The 10 millionth cruise ship passenger arrived in Victoria aboard the Queen Elizabeth on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 16th.

Cruise ships have been a crucial part of Victoria’s growth through the past 54 years that the city has had ships docking for curious tourists to explore. 

The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA) says that the visitors and ships’ crews contribute approximately $56 million to the local economy, between the tours, transportation, retail as well as food and beverages, businesses are able to thrive and uplift one another. 

Just for the warehousing, ship agents, repairs, port fees and docking, the cruise industry brings an additional $84 million into the maritime industries every year in Victoria as well.

In addition to these figures, the GVHA says over $40 million per year is paid in wages to engineers, entrepreneurs, accountants, mechanics and others employed in the cruise tourism industry or adjacent to it in Victoria.

The revival of the cruise industry has been pivotal in the economic recovery of the city, according to the GVHA.

(Photo courtesy of the GVHA)

“Victoria welcomes and celebrates its 10 millionth cruise ship passenger,” said Mayor Marianne Alto. 

“The cruise industry is a valued and vital part of a regional visitor industry that continues to create countless career opportunities and support the livelihood of Victorians,” Alto added.

The exact 10 millionth passenger would be impossible to discern on a cruise ship which holds over 2,000 passengers, but one married couple from the UK, Emma and Liam and their daughter Ava were among the honoured visitors and received a special gift from the Bay Centre.

“We’ve been married for 14 years, and we came on this trip to renew our vow,” said Emma Lonergan.

Lindsay Guant (Director of Cruise Development, Greater Victoria Harbour Authority), Robert Lewis-Manning (CEO, Greater Victoria Harbour Authority), Darlene Hollstein (General Manager of The Bay Centre & Chair, Board of Directors of Destination Greater Victoria), Marianne Alto (Mayor), and Kevin Boag (Hotel General Manager, Queen Elizabeth, Cunard) welcomed the passengers, Liam, Emma and Ava Lonergan; Ryan and Rebecca Lonergan (Photo courtesy of the GVHA)

It took since 1969, when the first cruise ship docked in Victoria, to get to 10 million passengers. How long do you think it will take to get to 20 million — another 54 years or less?

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