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‘That’s bike life’: Film on how cycling can change the world screening at Vic Theatre


A renowned film on the power of cycling is coming to Vic Theatre for a screening and Capital Bike will be helping out by operating a bike locker so all bike enthusiasts can attend without worrying about their precious aluminum steeds. 

The film is called The Engine Inside and it follows the storied experiences of six cyclists from around the world who display how the power of the bicycle can make a huge difference globally. 

“I don’t care what bike I’m on, as long as I’m on a bike,” said Darnell Myers, one of the film’s subjects. “That’s bike life.”

The bicycle has been around for over 200 years and is the world’s most common mode of transportation. Through each character’s story, its impact on mental health, physical health, socioeconomic inequality and climate change are explored. 

The Engine Inside has a remarkably high IMDb rating of 8.9. 

“When I came away from the film it made me realize that although these stories were very different — often very tough — the bicycle gave them their freedom and their happy place. We all need that,” said one of the reviewers of the film.

“Living in one of the most bike-friendly regions in Canada, you can almost take the benefits of cycling for granted,” said Adam Krupper, Executive Director of Capital Bike. “This film helps us step back and see how bikes transform communities and lives in totally different contexts, which makes this a fascinating film. “

“We are proud to bring it here for our neighbours to enjoy,” he added.

Because the film will attract scores of cyclists, Capital Bike’s bike locker will be put to use for the event. They operate this service at events such as Rifflandia and the initiative is similar to the ever-popular bike valet operating at Centennial Square. 

The bike locker will be free to use for all attending cyclists.

“Wouldn’t it be ironic if, while enjoying a film about the amazing power of bikes, people’s bikes were stolen,” asked Krupper.

“Of course, that would be terrible, which is why we’re inviting everyone to ride their bikes to the film and let us, safely and securely, keep those beauties safe and sound at The Locker.”

Capital Bike presents: The Engine Inside at Vic Theatre

  • Where: The Vic Theatre, 808 Douglas Street
  • When: August 17th, doors open at 7 p.m.
  • Tickets: $18 for adults and $12 for kids, available online
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