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Campfire ban lifted on Vancouver Island despite persistent wildfire season


The BC Wildfire Service has lifted the fire ban on the coastal regions of BC despite there being currently over 380 active wildfires. 

At noon on Wednesday, September 27th, Category 1, 2 and 3 fires will once again be permitted in all regions under the Coastal Fire Centre’s jurisdiction.

Not only does this mean campfires will once again be allowable, but so will fireworks, firecrackers, tiki torches, sky lanterns and more. 

Those all fall under Category 1 fires, but for farmers and those who live in rural areas, it also means that Category 2 and Category 3 open fires will once again be allowed. 

This includes any large fire up to two metres across and three metres high.

(Province of BC)

The Coastal Fire Service says that although the danger has declined because of recent rainfall and slightly cooler temperatures, people are still encouraged to exercise extreme caution with any kind of fire. 

Although the BC Wildfire Service has now lifted its ban, some municipalities may have localized fire bans still on and those have to be observed just as any provincially mandated fire ban. 

“It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that burning is done in a safe and responsible manner and in accordance with regulations,” said the Coastal Fire Service in a media release. 

“Before lighting any fire, check with local government authorities to see if any local burning restrictions are in place.”

As of this publication, there are still 384 active wildfires in BC and 24 on Vancouver Island; however none of these island fires have been deemed ‘out of control’ by the BC Wildfire Service. 

(BC Wildfire Service)
Curtis Blandy

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