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What began as a dream blossomed into the lively hub we know today.

To celebrate, Just Matcha Tea Shop has invited everyone to their 10th anniversary event on Saturday, October 7th—crafted specifically to say ‘thank you’ to all of their supporters and customers. 

They’re is described as a true local small business success story, having started in 2013 by founders Tiffanie and Kip Home and quietly became a city staple and community hotspot. 

They’re tucked into the heart of downtown on Pandora, and are considered a hub of connection—a place where relationships and memories have been forged over the pouring of their specialty green elixirs. 

“Just Matcha Tea Shop is definitely a local success story from trying times,” said co-founder Tiffanie Home. 

Their first two years showed promises of continued growth and the duo decided to open an equally successful second shop downtown.

But in 2020, with the start of the COVID pandemic, they were forced to close their Oak Bay location and pivot to online sales to survive. Their connection to the community and devoted customers carried them through.

“Roughly 67 percent of small businesses in Canada don’t survive 10 years, and the pandemic definitely did not make that struggle any easier. Many small businesses are still struggling to recover. We are incredibly thankful that we are still able to live our passion of sharing the beauty and benefits of matcha with others.” 

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According to the release, roughly 67% of small businesses in Canada don’t survive the first ten years, let alone a global pandemic. 

Just Matcha Tea Shop’s perseverance and continued dedication to the community make this anniversary all the sweeter.

“Just Matcha is not just about tea; it’s about embracing traditions, nurturing health, and fostering connections,” said Home.

“We strive to create a sanctuary where a humble cup, or bowl of tea has the power to soothe, invigorate and transport. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are immensely grateful for the loyal patrons who have stood by us and welcomed us into their lives.” 

Drink specials, snacks, and giveaways will be a part of their special day—we hope to see you there!

Just Matcha Tea Shop 10th Anniversary

  • Where: 544 Pandora Avenue
  • When: Saturday, October 7th from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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