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Electric finale: 34 shots from day three of Rifflandia featuring Run The Jewels (PHOTOS)


Day three was a nine hour day featuring over 22 musical acts as well as comedy, celebrity guest performances and a whole lot of sun!

The grand finale of the day was of course the epic set by Run The Jewels, but day three boasted the most variety of music yet.


Base 2’s stage began with some good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll with Idle Lane, a local four-piece band. They had a 90s alt rock sound with clear punk influences. 

Following them, the other stages kicked into action as well. 

On the Dome stage, Mt. Doyle played a fun and energetic set with a special guest accompaniment from local hip-hop band Illvis Freshly. Their guitarist was wailing solos while Mt. Doyle laid down a beat and the Illvis Freshly boys rapped over it all. 

On the Main Stage, the first act up was Teon Gibbs, a soulful rapper and producer who showed up with a full band to really round out the sound. 

Idle Lane (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Idle Lane (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Mt. Doyle (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Mt. Doyle and Illvis Freshly collab (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
A cat and his human (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Teon Gibbs (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Teon Gibbs (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)

Next up at Base 2 was Big Fuzz. They are a two-piece rock band who also had a bit of a touch of punk rock. Their singer used a unique microphone combo, one clean and another with a phaser and distortion on it to make it sound like he was singing through a megaphone. 

The highlight for many was when they performed a spot-on cover of Song 2 by Blur.

New Girl was next up at the Dome stage mixing pop hits with some sped up energy and had a big crowd of folks swaying and bopping to the nostalgic playlist she created. 

The second act of the day on the Main Stage was Naduh, a fan-favourite who played at Phillips Backyard earlier this summer. 

Once again, their five-part harmonies and feminist lyrical content reminiscent of TLC or Destiny’s Child had everyone in the palms of their hands.

Big Fuzz (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Big Fuzz (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
New Girl (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Nudah (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Naduh (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)

Dream-pop replaced the punk rock vibes at Base 2 following Big Fuzz, the next band was Noble Oak. A Vancouver four-piece band that had welcomed mellow undertones while still captivating listeners. 

After them, Ivan Hartle was on the Base 2 stage, once again switching up the vibe by bringing some contemporary roots with folk-rock influences to the stage. 

While they played, Fort Knox Five was on at the Dome and the crowd was getting bigger by the minute in Electric Avenue. 

Fort Knox Five mixed a lot of hip-hop amping up that corner of the crowd as other attendees sought out Base 2 for a break from dancing or found some dinner at one of the many food trucks. 

Noble Oak (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Ivan Hartle (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Ivan Hartle (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
DiRTY RADiO (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
DiRTY RADiO (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Fort Knox Five (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)

Just after the halfway point of the day, Electric Avenue was jam-packed full of people

Comedy kicked off with a set by Dan Duvall, the organizer of the Lafflandia stage, and just as he finished up, Ché Aimee Dorval was on at Base 2 and Banx and Ranx hopped up on the Main Stage. 

Ché Aimee Dorval had a hauntingly beautiful and soulful voice, despite her saying she thought she wrecked her voice while singing What’s New Pussycat at Karaoke the night before. 

Banx and Ranx brought good vibes only and the thousands of people who were watching them became united in their pursuit of dancing the night away. 

Blu DeTiger was next on the Main Stage and she performed an incredible DJ set while playing her bass guitar masterfully over the trucks to add to the experience. 

In between every set at Base 2 for the rest of the night comedians stepped in to entertain the folks who didn’t feel like wandering down the avenue to the dancey zones. 

Over at the Dome So Sus, Cazztek and LŪN closed the night out while Meltt and Jungle Bobby closed out the Base 2 stage. 

Meltt had a 00s alt-rock sound reminiscent of The Strokes while Jungle Bobby was a rapper who had an energy that was unmatched in the whole festival. 

Jungle Bobby also had a special guest arrive to perform with him. bbno$ stopped by to perform some of Jungle Bobby’s songs with him and also played his hit single, Edamame

Banx & Ranx (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Ché Aimee Dorval (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
(Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Emily Woods (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Meltt (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
(Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Chris Griffin (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Jungle Bobby (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
bbno$ with Jungle Bobby (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)
Dan Duvall (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)

Chromeo was next up at the Main Stage. 

Rifflandia has been trying to get them involved for ages and this year their dream came true. 

Chromeo performed an hour-long DJ set that was only bangers. They played much of their own music while also mixing in some dance, house, funk and disco.

And after they were done, over 8,000 Rifflandians were camped out in front of the Main Stage to keep their spot secure for the night’s grand finale, Run The Jewels.

One of the most celebrated rap groups of all time graced the stage and the consensus of the entire crowd is that they not only lived up to, but exceeded all expectations.

EI-P and Killer Mike were celebrating their almost 10-year anniversary of their debut, self-titled record. Because of this they made sure to play all the hits off Run The Jewels while hitting all their numerous monumental hits from all their other albums. 

It was the perfect way to cap off the night and the weekend full of amazing music of all genres. 

Chromeo (RMS Media)
Chromeo (RMS Media)
Run The Jewels (RMS Media)
Run The Jewels (RMS Media)

Run the Jewels (Curtis Blandy/Victoria Buzz)

There are still tickets available for next weeks Rifflandia celebrations featuring acts like Herbie Hancock, Iggy Pop, Suicidal Tendencies, Mavis Staples and so many more!

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