Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Moneris debit and credit card system down across Canada including Greater Victoria


UPDATE: It appears the issue with Moneris have been fixed and Greater Victoria businesses relying on their payment system can once again accept debit and credit cards.

While the payment system has been corrected, the company warned that transactions may process slowly as it catches up.


Be prepared to received a “declined” message when making a purchase today.

Moneris, a popular payment processing system for debit and credit cards used by millions of businesses in Victoria and rest of Canada, is reportedly down.

Many businesses are taking to social media reporting they will only be able to accept cash.

While there have been no updates from Moneris directly, their website appears to be down as well, and their status is being reported down globally, according to a Sasshub.

BC Ferries is among those being impacted by the outage. In a tweet, the company said they were unable to accept debit or credit card at this time.

“Our team is working on an interim solution,” BC Ferries  wrote.

More to come.



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