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Most British Columbians are opposed to using and killing animals for entertainment


As humans, we keep animals in zoos and aquariums, we have them entertain us in races and rodeos and we also hunt them for game and trophies. 

Despite these ongoing practices, a recent poll suggests that most British Columbians are opposed to any and all killing or using animals for entertainment while a vast majority believes it is largely okay to eat them. 

Research Co., a BC-based statistics and survey firm, recently polled BC and the rest of Canada to find out if people were okay with the morals behind how we interact and use our power over different animal species. 

The survey found that around 78% of BC residents agree that it is okay to use animals as a food source. 

Meanwhile, 65% of British Columbians believe that we should not subject horses and bulls to entertain us in rodeos and 78% believe that we should not kill animals for their fur.

Across Canada, all regions polled similarly in their views on all these subjects.

“Since 2019, the proportion of Canadians who approve of the use of animals in rodeos has fallen by 10 points,” says Mario Canseco, President of Research Co. 

“Majorities of women (73%) and men (59%) are currently opposed to this type of entertainment.”

If hunting for meat, 67% of BC said they think that is fine, but if hunting for sport or trophy hunting, an astonishing 91% said they are opposed to these practices. 

Just over half of those polled believe that we should not keep animals in zoos with 56% of the survey being opposed. 

According to Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums, there are over 100,000 animals in zoos across the country representing over 2,000 species. 

In the Calgary Stampede alone, 100 animals have died while competing in events such as chuck wagon races or bull riding since 1986. 

Additionally, an estimated 800 million animals are slaughtered every year for Canadians food consumption needs. 

What do you think about hunting, eating and being entertained by animals? Do you disagree with anything on the Research Co. poll? Let us know in the comments!

Curtis Blandy

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