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In a bizarre and messy turn of events near UVic, a road-rage incident took a peculiar twist last week.

According to reports from Oak Bay Police, the incident unfolded on Cedar Hill Cross Road at University Drive around 1 a.m. on September 18th, leading to a spectacle that involved obscene gestures and fast food.

It all began when two drivers found themselves on Cedar Hill Cross Road, where tensions escalated to the point of exchanging hand gestures.

However, it was the actions of one driver that truly threw a scoop of chaos into the mix.

In a fit of anger, the driver decided to hurl the remnants of his McDonald’s takeout at the other vehicle, including a sundae.

In an unexpected twist, the targeted vehicle turned out to be a Tesla equipped with an internal video recording system which captured the entire exchange, from the initial gestures to the flying fast food.

Subsequently, Oak Bay police took action. They issued a violation ticket to a 19-year-old man involved in the incident, charging him with littering.

The cost of this impulsive act? An $81 fine.

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