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VicPD asks demonstrators to ‘cease activity’ amid anti-trans protests on Legislature lawn


VicPD are asking protest participants at the BC Legislature to leave due to escalating tensions.

The protests are occurring after an organization that is trying to remove gender-identity education from curriculums in schools organized a Canada-wide march upon Parliament and every provincial and territorial Legislature.

The march is scheduled to take place today, Wednesday, September 20th.

The Concerned Canadians Standing Together Against Gender Ideology in Schools (CCSTAGIS) is the group who had initially planned the coordinated marches across Canada to advocate their anti-trans agenda. 

The march has been dubbed the ‘1 Million March 4 Children’ and primarily what they oppose is the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) programs.

There are now two counter protests to the 1 Million March 4 Children planned as those trying to get rid of SOGI programs descend upon the BC Legislature on Wednesday, September 20th. 

VicPD are now saying tensions are flying high and the area has become unsafe.

“We are asking citizens to leave the area and others to avoid coming down to the Legislature,” said VicPD in a media release.

Following escalating tensions in front of the BC Legislature today, with approximately 2,500 people in attendance, VicPD are asking citizens to leave, and for others to avoid the area.

Two arrests have been made and the organizers of the planned demonstration have left the area.

The planned temporary road closures will not occur.

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