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Victoria’s newest playground just opened along the water in Vic West


Throw your kids in the car and pack snacks; a new playground just opened in Vic West!

The Bridges Park is the final piece of the puzzle for the 21-year long development in the Railyards community. 

The park is around 1,000 square metres big and is situated just off the Galloping Goose along the Gorge Waterway. 

Following the completion of the Railyards housing, the developer, Le Fevre, got to work on an area for the people who had moved into the neighbourhood to gather and bring their children to play.

“The City is exploring every opportunity to expand its public parks and green spaces for people to enjoy social activities outdoors,” said Mayor Marianne Alto.

“Thank you to Le Fevre and Company for all their work in making this park a reality.” 

“This new park and playground adds more publicly accessible open space to the Victoria West neighbourhood, and supports Council’s Strategic Plan priorities for enhanced parks, recreation and gathering spaces and increased community well-being,” Mayor Alto added. 

The features of the playground are an accessible rubberized play surface, wooden play structure with slide, a nest swing and a water/sand play feature to create a rich sensory experience.

In addition to the playground, adults who want to enjoy the park can expect several places to relax, perfect for reading a book or just enjoy the view and the gardens. 

(LeFevre & Company)

The site was built with conservation and environmental mindfulness as well by the implantation of a small Garry oak knoll, with native plants to attract pollinators such as butterflies and bees.

“We have been deeply privileged to build the Railyards community,” said developer Chris Le Fevre. 

“It is a very happy and special place, and we are excited to see the young ones enjoying our final amenity contribution.”

According to the city, the park is meant to be the Railyard’s new communal space and should be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Curtis Blandy

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