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A good day to die: Notorious Zombie Walk returning to Victoria this weekend


Beware the walking dead!

The zombie apocalypse is expected to engulf Victoria yet again on Saturday, October 14th, where the city’s goriest creatures will be free to wander the streets looking for their next meal.

The walk will begin in Centennial Square at 3 p.m. and all humans are invited to catch the deadly virus and show off their most horrifying blood-soaked ensembles.

This annual Zombie Walk has been dubbed one of Victoria’s most notorious and largest public flash mobs—so, the dead are expected in abundance!

General rules for participants include the following:

  • No fireworks/firecrackers
  • No fake guns/crossbows
  • Do not smear blood on store windows along the route of the walk
  • Don’t touch/smear blood on walk observers
  • Don’t impede traffic on the roads
  • Have fun but be respectful
  • Don’t bite anyone

Spectators are also welcome, but beware—brains are delicious, and zombies can smell fear!

Victoria Zombie Walk 2023

  • Where: Centennial Square
  • When: Saturday, October 14th from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Zombies can start gathering at 2 p.m.!)

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