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Road to recovery: Severely injured kitten found in forested area near Victoria


Warning: The images of the injured kitten may be upsetting for viewers

BC SPCA are seeking public donations after a kitten was recently found  in a forested area of Victoria with a severe eye injury and possible infection.

The kitten, now known as Paris, was only six weeks old when she was brought in by the good samaritan that found her.

Upon arrival at the BC SPCA’s Victoria animal centre, Paris was immediately taken to see a veterinarian—there they determined she’d need surgery to remove her eye as well as antibiotics.

“She must have been in so much pain,” said Emma Hamill, manager of the BC SPCA’s Victoria animal centre. 

(Paris the kitten / BC SPCA Victoria)

Paris is currently being held with a BC SPCA foster waiting for her eye removal surgery and is being given all of the love and care they can provide in the meantime. 

“She is a very sweet kitten whose trauma and impaired vision is not dimming her shine at all,” said Hamill. 

“She is living with her BC SPCA alumni foster brother Arthur, who is showing her the way. He had to have a limb amputated and is now a beautiful tripod kitty.”

As soon as Paris has recovered from her surgery, she will be available for adoption!

If you would like to help Paris or other BC SPCA animals, you can visit their website to learn more. Petsecure plans on matching all donations made by the public up to $3,000 to help Paris and other animals receive emergency medical care. 

We all wish Paris a speedy recovery!

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