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8 spots to pick up some fresh autumn kicks now that it’s boot season in Victoria


Summer is over and so is sandal season.

That means pulling out the rain jacket, the umbrella and more importantly, your boots. In Victoria, boots are an essential part of the autumn and winter outfit, otherwise you’ll be left with cold toes, wet feet and a flu in your future. 

Here’s a list of some of the best boot peddlers and cobblers in town:

Robinson’s Outdoor Store

This spot is locally owned and should be your go-to for anything outdoors, especially footwear. They have top-of-the-line hikers, trail runners and waterproof boots for kicking it Pacific Northwest style. 

  • Where: 1307 Broad Street

Merchant Quarters General Store

Did you know that Birkenstock sells non-sandals? They even have boots! Merchant Quarters knows this and a lot more about boots. They also have a huge selection of Uggs which are back in style and will soon be seen on every foot in the city. 


  • Where: 801 Government Street

OK Boot Corral

So you moved to Victoria from Alberta to escape the snow and now you’re panicking because there’s no Lammle’s Western Wear within 1,000 kilometres? OK Boot Corral is the spot to cure this homesickness and snag a new pair of cowgirl/boy boots fit for the Stampede! They also have a great selection of Wrangler shirts and pants as well as cowgirl/boy hats!

  • Where: 1209 Wharf Street

John Fluevog 

Are you a fancy pants and you need boots to match? John Fluevog has colour galore on their boots that you can see coming a mile away. If you want loud footwear, this is the spot for you. 

  • Where: 566 Johnson Street


For the day-to-day kicks! Baggins is one of the best spots for footwear all year round. They specialize in Converse, Vans and of course, Dr. Martens

  • Where: 580 Johnson Street

Viberg Boots

This one is only for those with deep pockets who have a clean $1,000 at least to drop on their new boots. Viberg Boots are handmade and will last nearly forever if cared for properly. They’ve been making boots for Candians since 1931 and continue to be leaders of the shoemaking trade. 

  • Where: 429 Hillside Avenue and 601 Boleskine Road

Head Over Heels

Rain boots, ankle boots, heeled boots, tall boots and lace-ups, they’ve got ‘em all. This spot is locally owned and operated. It’s conceptualized as a contemporary gallery where the shoes and accessories are presented as pieces of art. 

  • Where: 1323 Blanshard Street

Cobbler Victoria

Another Victoria-run business! They are perfect if you need a Blundstone fix because yours are broken and busted, not grippy anymore or just worn right out! Also a great spot to get your next set of inside shoes. For those unfamiliar with Glerups, you seriously need to step up your slipper game.  

  • Where: 718 View Street

Have a spot you’d highly recommend? Let us know in the comment section below!

Curtis Blandy

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