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Vancouver Island family  reunited with cat nearly 7 months after she went missing


A message of hope to all worried pet owners!

May 1st was a sad day for Mucky the cat’s owner, as she realized her beloved pet had gone missing.

Christi Wright with Finding Felines said that the owner suspected Mucky was in the back of his dad’s truck, possibly snoozing, and jumped out when the vehicle stopped at Mount Prevost in Duncan.

Mucky must be quite the scavenger, because he toughed it out and survived on his own for six months before he began searching for food and shelter in warmer places as the weather turned chilly.

There was one woman’s house he developed a particular fancy for. She had a convenient cat door and kept food out for her own cats—so, naturally, he would help himself and wander in and out as he saw fit.

Mucky wasn’t as sneaky as he may have wanted to be, as another woman a few roads over had also begun noting how often this cat would come visit. Separately, they began to worry if the cat might be lost.

(Mucky the cat / Courtesy of Christi Wright)

On November 15th, both women messaged Wright to express their concern.

Shortly after on November 18th, one of the women was able to capture him inside her house after he used the cat door and took him into Finding Felines to be scanned for a microchip.

They found him to be a friendly, intact male with no ID. Everyone at Finding Felines could tell that he had been loved, so Wright offered to take him home to keep him confined and safe while they attempted to find his owner. 

Wright contacted Foster Kritters Feral Cat Rescue Society, and a lady working there offered to help by having Mucky neutered right away. 

The next morning, Mucky’s owner contacted Finding Felines after seeing a post about him on their Facebook page!

She came in to see if it was indeed Mucky, and to everyone’s excitement, it was! She immediately recognized Mucky’s belly markings and thin tail—there was no mistaking her boy!

Wright explained the arrangement Foster Kritters had made for Mucky to be neutered, and his owner agreed it was best and had been her intention before he went missing. 

She happily offered to cover all the costs associated with the appointment, so on November 21st, Mucky was neutered, and Wright was able to finally bring him home to his family for good. 

According to Wright and Mucky’s family, he’s settling back in at home well and enjoying all the extra love and cuddles!

“It was such a wonderful story, and I’m glad it’s being shared to give others who are still missing their beloved pets hope,” Wright said.

Truly a happy ending!

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