Another warning of a scam in the capital region has been issued.

This time, scammers are calling Greater Victoria residents claiming to be the Capital Regional District (CRD).

The CRD issued a warning on Friday after receiving reports of deceptive calls imitating the organization.

Emphasizing their policy, the district reiterated that they never make unsolicited calls asking for personal information like credit card details.

To safeguard against potential scam calls, the CRD advises hanging up immediately if anything seems suspicious, especially as scammers can spoof their phone numbers to appear as though they’re calling from the regional district.

They urge individuals to verify the legitimacy of any such call by dialing the publicly listed main phone number at 250-360-3000.

This alert coincided with an advisory from Saanich Police about a surge in a specific type of scam, often dubbed as the “pig butchering” romance or investment scam.

Victims are lured into depositing money into counterfeit cryptocurrency investment platforms or applications.

Saanich Police said they have seen an increase in reports of this fraudulent activity, particularly affecting members of the Chinese community.

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