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Conservation officers dole out eight tickets for driving with loaded firearms on Vancouver Island


Over the weekend, the Conservation Officers Service (COS) was busy on Vancouver Island handing out several tickets to drivers who were breaking the law. 

According to the COS, eight violation tickets were handed out specifically to people who were caught driving with loaded firearms in the vehicle. 

In addition to this, numerous tickets were given out to some people who were driving with open alcohol in the vehicle as well as not complying with the conditions of their hunting license. 

Not all left the interaction with a fine though. Some people were simply given a written warning if the infraction was small enough. 

One novice driver was given a warning for driving with too many people in the vehicle. 

During their traffic stops over the long weekend the COS officers dealt with over 200 people that comprised 85 hunters. 

Unfortunately, while conducting these stops, the COS officers also had to launch an investigation into the unlawful hunting of Vancouver Island wildlife, although they were not specific as to what they discovered in this case of poaching. 

COS officers also assisted RCMP with a search and rescue  because two hunters stayed out in the forest longer than they were meant to. They were, however, found safe in the end. 

Last month, a Vancouver Island man pleaded guilty to illegally killing a Roosevelt Elk near Chemainus in 2019.

The COS ‘s decision on the matter was that the hunter’s actions deserved a $5,100 fine and a two-year hunting ban.

The killing of the Roosevelt Elk took place in the Copper Canyon area.

Curtis Blandy

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