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BC residents now have to ask for lids on their to-go beverages


Want a lid on your coffee cup? You’ll have to ask for it.

As of December 20th, the BC government has implemented stringent regulations province-wide, altering the way food service providers distribute plastic items like utensils, napkins, and lids.

Under the new guidelines outlined by the Retail Council of Canada, select single-use items such as utensils, stir sticks, straws, lids, condiments, napkins, chopsticks, splash plugs, wet wipes, and garnishes like sushi grass can only be provided upon request or at self-service stations.

However, specific exemptions exist as stated by the BC government, allowing for lids accompanying drinks purchased at drive-thru windows or for delivery and pick-up without requiring customers to request them.

Single-use accessories can also be provided in these instances.

Additionally, the implementation of these regulations coincides with Canada’s phasing out of single-use plastic shopping bags, effective December 20th, and mandates that starting July 15th, 2024, BC businesses must levy a fee for new reusable and new paper bags.

Looking ahead, by July 15th, 2024, BC businesses are prohibited from utilizing certain products containing hard-to-recycle plastics in their packaging for food and beverages.

This encompasses containers or packaging composed wholly or partially of biodegradable plastic, oxo-degradable plastic, PVC, PVDC, or polystyrene foam. However, products made of compostable plastic will remain permissible within these guidelines.

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