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Box of kittens left cold and hungry on doorstep of Victoria’s BC SPCA facility


Animal lovers and BC SPCA supporters, this is for you!

During the early morning hours on December 1st, five four-week old kittens were left on the doorstep of Victoria’s BC SPCA. 

According to a spokesperson from the SPCA, the cardboard box was found by a vet technician arriving for work, and it became immediately apparent that it wasn’t a mail package. 

He found the five small kittens crawling over each other and meowing non-stop, allegedly hungry and searching for their mother. 

There were no cushions or blankets inside the box and instead had to huddle close for warmth. 

“The staff member could hear mewing and opened the box to see five beautiful kittens, two orange tabbies, a flame point, a calico and a black and white runt,” says Emma Hamill, manager of the BC SPCA’s Victoria animal centre. 

Staff reviewed security camera footage which, fortunately, confirmed they were found just minutes after they were abandoned. The person who abandoned the kittens and their vehicle were out of frame.

“Thankfully, they were all healthy but too young to be away from their mom.”

(Comfort / BC SPCA)

As the kittens were carefully removed from the box and examined, they clung closely to their caregivers, soaking up their warmth. 

Given their size and young age, the kittens require regular hand-feeding via syringe to ensure they get the nutrients needed to grow happy and healthy during this important stage of development. 

Luckily, they were moved into experienced foster homes as quickly as possible—as kittens removed from their mother this young often don’t survive very long. 

(Bobbin / BC SPCA)

The caregivers have named them Leo, Merlot, Comfort, Stuart Little and Bobbin.

They are said to be a resilient bunch despite their difficult start, and their personalities are slowly peeking out now that they have the care they need.

The BC SPCA said the kittens would be available for adoption in two weeks.  

If you would like to donate to the BC SPCA to assist them in caring for these kittens as they age and get ready for adoption, you can do so on their website.

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