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Invasive ground beetle the root cause of damages to lawns in Nanaimo


The City of Nanaimo has put out a public notice to residents explaining why some may be noticing damages done to their lawns.

This fall, the invasive European Chafer beetle has been dwelling in the city at a higher rate than normal. 

These ground beetles lay their eggs just under the surface of the ground, which in turn causes animals, such as raccoons and birds, to dig up the grass and feed on these ‘grubs.’ 

“While usually a sporadic problem, this year’s fall season has proven to be challenging to parks staff as they work to reduce beetle damage in various areas across the City, including at City Hall and at the Bowen Cemetery,” the City said in their public notice. 

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Nanaimo says that city staff are employing a number of tactics to manage this issue while adhering to provincial guidelines. 

Namely, the City staff have been removing and repairing damaged grass and applying nematodes, or worms that feed on these larvae, to the soil.

“Despite the outbreak of grubs in Nanaimo this fall, City staff are working hard to repair our parks and other grassy areas,”  said Mayor Leanord Krog.

“With management and time, these unsightly areas will recover. Please be patient as we face this collective challenge.”

The European Chafer Beetle has been and will continue to be an issue for some Vancouver Island communities, but their impacts are being minimized by consistently using best practices to deter them from becoming too prominent. 

Curtis Blandy

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