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Vancouver Island braces for impact of heavy rain and wind today


Several weather alerts have been issued for Vancouver Island as meteorologists predict the arrival of a potent and impactful storm.

An atmospheric river, set to make landfall, promises heavy rain and strong winds across various regions, triggering multiple weather warnings for different parts of the island.

Western Vancouver Island

The western region is expected to face intense rainfall, with estimates ranging between 100 to 150 mm.

This substantial precipitation, a result of the incoming atmospheric river, raises concerns about flooding and landslides.

The risk is amplified by the possibility of rain on snow at higher elevations.

While the deluge is anticipated to ease by early Tuesday morning, caution remains advised due to the heightened vulnerability to natural hazards.

Inland Vancouver Island

Similar weather patterns are anticipated for inland areas, with forecasts indicating approximately 100 mm of rainfall today and tonight. This substantial amount heightens the risk of localized flooding, urging residents to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions.

Northern Vancouver Island

Northern Vancouver Island, including Haida Gwaii, North Coast, Central Coast, and specific North Vancouver Island areas, faces a dual threat of heavy rain and strong winds.

A frontal system moving through Haida Gwaii is expected to generate winds reaching southeast 90 km/h, gusting to 120 over exposed coastal locations. However, these winds are forecasted to ease below warning levels by this afternoon as the system passes through.

Greater Victoria

While Greater Victoria narrowly escaped the brunt of heavy rainfall, a special weather statement was issued earlier regarding elevated ocean water levels.

There’s a possibility of these levels exceeding high astronomical tide, impacting areas near the water in Metro Vancouver, the southern Gulf Islands, and the Saanich Peninsula around high tide today.

The incoming heavy rain brings forth the risk of flash floods, water accumulation on roads, and potential washouts near rivers, creeks, and culverts.

Additionally, the convergence of very heavy rainfall and rain on snow at higher elevations escalates the threats of flooding and landslides, urging residents and authorities to remain vigilant and prepared.

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