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Vancouver Islanders should expect rainy days from now until Thursday


Vancouver Island, along with the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, is set to face a tumultuous start to December as Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) predicts an onslaught of storms until Thursday, December 7th.

In a media released by the province, the forecast entails a barrage of storms culminating in an atmospheric river, characterized by heavy precipitation along the west coast of BC.

The upcoming weather pattern, though a regular seasonal occurrence, has prompted the BC Government to advise precautionary measures.

Communities are encouraged to prepare for potential flooding as heavy is anticipated in various regions, including west Vancouver Island, Howe Sound, the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and the Coast Mountains.

In response to the expected weather conditions, Emergency Management and Climate Readiness (EMCR) is actively collaborating with communities, including regular coordination calls with First Nations, to ensure preparedness. The River Forecast Centre remains vigilant, monitoring weather patterns and river conditions, ready to issue advisories or warnings as necessary.

To mitigate potential flood hazards, the BC Government has an array of initiatives lined up, including the deployment of sandbags, machinery, and structures like gabions and tiger dams. Furthermore, an expanded use of emergency alerts aims to inform residents about imminent threats due to flooding.

Individuals are urged to prioritize personal safety by creating household emergency plans, assembling grab-and-go bags, and acquainting themselves with local government emergency response strategies. Additionally, safeguarding homes against possible flooding by relocating valuables to higher ground, clearing drains, and obtaining sandbags through local authorities is advised.

Motorists are advised to exercise caution, checking road conditions before travel and ensuring vehicles are equipped with emergency supplies in case of unforeseen circumstances. DriveBC offers updated road condition information and webcams throughout the province, allowing travelers to make informed decisions regarding their journeys.

As British Columbia braces for the heavy rain and potential flooding, residents are reminded to stay vigilant, heed official warnings, and prioritize safety measures to navigate this period of stormy weather.

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