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Vancouver Island’s Sheringham Distillery announces new exclusive whisky launch


Whisky lovers, have we got some exciting news for you!

Sheringham Distillery has proudly announced the upcoming release of their latest creation—a limited release of rye Whisky, with its presale live now. 

This is the distillery’s first whisky release in over two years, and it contains 100% BC grain!

It is said to embody the essence of Sheringham’s award-winning craftsmanship and tradition, with an amalgamation of several carefully selected barrels that have been aging for a minimum of three to four and a half years.

Throughout the month of December, you can take advantage of their discounted price at $79.99 and orders will ship between February and March.

“I love robust whisky with a lot of character and big flavour and this is why I decided to make this style of whisky to share with everyone,” said Jason MacIsaac, Sheringham’s Master Distiller and Co-Founder.

“If you like it as much as I do, then you will love it!” 

Key features include an exclusive blend of rye, wheat, and malted barley, using traditional techniques in small batches, and aging for a minimum of three years in premium American new white oak barrels.

Notes presented are described as a deep and complex rye spice, harmoniously complemented by notes of pepper, vanilla, cooked fruit, brown sugar, and a subtle hint of leather.

For a little backstory, Sheringham Distillery began their whisky journey at their original distillery in Shirley, B.C., perched overlooking the Juan de Fuca Strait. 

They expanded to Sooke, where their dedication to quality and sustainability allowed them to produce exceptional whiskey, utilize local grain, and repurpose said grain as feed for local farm animals. 

(Jason & Alayne at the original distillery in Shirley / Sheringham Distillery)

Their debut batch of whisky earned the “Best In Class” title at the Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition (CASC) and a Gold award in the “Merrit in Terroir” category—so, they’re all the more excited to share this new creation.

Now located in Langford, their newest batch of whiskey acts as a testament to their journey and a “cheers” to the years ahead!

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